If you’re new to creating online courses like me you may have been thinking to yourself what kind, of course, you should create as a beginner?

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately as I’m working on my first course.  The problem is I don’t want to spend the next 3 to 6 months working on a course only to find out that it’s not what my audience is really looking for.

If you’re new to all of this I’m sure you can relate.  You work to create something that can a bit of a passion project only to find out no one wants it.


So what’s the solution to this?  Mini Courses.

What is a Mini Course?

According to Teachable.com, a mini course is…

Mini Course – a short online course that takes 2 hours or less to work through, covers a very specific topic, and is often used as a marketing or growth tool (i.e., it’s more of a teaser for your main product)

Simply a mini course is a very small course that can be consumed quickly.  I’ve taken a lot of courses over the years, some that take as long as 6 months to complete and others that last just an hour or so.

However, there are some huge benefits to creating a mini-course over a longer traditional course.

Why You Should Create a Mini Course Instead of Long Course

If you’re not sure mini courses are the right answer for you yet then check these out.

  • Easier to Create.  First off, smaller courses can be produced a lot faster.  If you’re just looking to dip your toe into creating online courses then this could be the solution.
  • Helps You Earn an Income Faster.  Creating your course faster also allows you to earn an income a lot faster.  With money in your pocket, you’ll gain more confidence in the path that you have taken.
  • Lets You Test Your Idea.  Finally, by doing a mini-course it’ll prove that people will likely buy a bigger course on the topic.

Should You Create a Mini Course?

In the end, if you’re a beginner getting results are very important, especially with your first course.  I know for me I’ve really like this idea of creating a mini course first.

More than that the outcome of your entire business may hang in the balance of how this first course turns out.  I know for me I’ve done internet marketing for nearly 10 years now and I will hang in there and create courses until I find success.

However more than likely, your first course may not be that successful because there is going to be a learning curve.  I know that may be a bit painful to hear but this is how things work.

Your first, second, and maybe even your third course may not work out. But if you hang in there and keep working at it I believe things will eventually work out.

So what kind, of course, are you planning to create?  Are you thinking about creating a mini course or are you looking to create a longer course?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.